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    Binxin is a professional conveyor pulley manufacturer in China.The conveyor pulley is a cylindrical part, which is divided into driving and driven pulley. Widely used in rotary screen printing machine, digital printer, conveying equipment, paper making and packaging machinery and other transmission and conveying systems. The pulley often see include power pulley, carbon steel pulleys, stainless steel pulleys, PVC pulleys, and so on.
    The production of conveying pulley is mainly composed of the first roll body, static balance of primary calibration, interference assembly and welding of shaft head, finishing and dynamic balance calibration. If the behavioral tolerances such as roundness, cylindricity and straightness are less than 0.2 mm, it is necessary to grind with an external cylindrical grinder or a roller grinder after finishing. If the surface hardness is required, the heat treatment process needs to be increased.
    After the pulley is formed, the surface treatment or coating, such as spray paint, galvanizing, TEFLON spraying, rubber, chromium plating, ceramic coating and oxidation, is also needed to prevent corrosion, wear and support.
    According to the size, there are large pulleys, such as paper machine pulley (the length can reach more than 10 meters, the diameter is above 1500mm), and there is a small type of pulley (usually within 1 meters), and the diameter is in 159mm..
    According to the function, there are pulleys on the digital laser printer to ensure the transmission precision, such as the press roll on the paper machine, such as the press roller on the paper machine, the support roller for the low dimension precision, the roller with the heat exchange requirement, and the roller of heavy pressure filter, etc.
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