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    nylon idler

    We are professional nylon idler manufacturer in China.
    Perfect durable for more than 3 years
    Tolerance 30 thousand hour rotation, super long life
    Nylon roller tube is made of 100% new nylon material, well-known bearing, with excellent self-lubrication, wear resistance and aging resistance. Flexible rotation, can tolerate belt conveyor more than 30 thousand hours of rotation, stable and reliable for more than 3 years.
    Better than metal rollers
    Light mute anti rainwater reducing belt wear
    The surface hardness is low, the friction coefficient is small, the self lubrication performance is high, and it will not cause wear to the belt. Spatter will not corrode when rain, snow and ice and acid and alkali liquids are spatter. Because of light weight, the installation and replacement of easy and convenient. Because of its no noise, the working environment is purified.
    Walk at the point of quality
    20 years of dedicated quality service to thousands of large customers
    The brand of nylon roller market is well-known, and various standard and non-standard rollers serve nearly 1000 large customers.
    Other advantages:
    1. light weight, easy to install at high altitude.
    2. Good wear resistance and long service life.
    3. Protect the wire rope and extend the service life of the wire rope. The ratio of steel to pulley can prolong the service life of wire rope by 8 times.
    4. No friction spark is produced, and the safety performance is strong.
    5. It can meet the requirements of long-term open-air operation.
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